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What is a D.A.S course ?

D.A.S. (Direct Access Scheme)

If you are over 21 years old, you can learn on a larger motorcycle of at least 33Kw/46.6BHP.

The motorcycle test now consists of 2 parts which are explained below

Module 1 (a valid CBT and theory is required to take this test)

Module 1 is to test the slow riding abillities of a rider. The module 1 test is conducted in a controlled enviroment on a one to one basis with the DSA Examiner, there are 6 manuvers that must be performed to a required standard they include a slalom and 2 figure of eights, U turn, and slow ride, the test also includes 2 exercises that are required to be taken at a minumim speed of 32 MPH / 50 KPH they are a collision avoidance exersise and an emergency stop.

 The training for module 1 is conducted in a controlled enviroment where all the maneuvers can be practised under the supervison and instruction of our instructors.

 Module 2 (a pass for module 1 is required to take this test)

Module 2  is a road ride that lasts 30 to 40 minutes, in this test you will ride on the roads been followed by a DSA instructor the instructor will be observing you and examining ur road position decesion making abillites, traffic awareness, safety checks and the ability to operate a motorcycle in a safe and confident manner, in additon to this you will be tested on your knowledge of the bike you are riding by been asked 3 questions a show me question and a tell me question and a question at the end of your test regarding carrying pillion passengers  

Preperation for module 2 test is conducted on a one to one basis with a approved instructor on public roads, where you will be taught to test standard

Suzuki GS500